Lady Gaga is sick before every performance.

The 'Poker Face' singer suffers from severe stage fright because she is so worried the show won't go well.

She said: "I'm very bossy. I don't move on. I vomit in the bathroom before every show. I can scream my head off if I see one light fixture out. I'm very detailed - every minute of the show has got to be perfect. I want to grab the audience by the balls.

"This show has made me quite mental. But my focus is on the work. Not on the

Gaga also insists she continues to maintain her outrageous stage persona even when she isn't performing.

She added to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "The biggest misconception about me is I'm a character or a persona. That when the lights and cameras turn off, I turn into a pumpkin. It's simply not true. I make music and art and design all day long. Yes, I wash my face and go to sleep but when I wake up, I am always Lady Gaga."