Taylor Swift played coy about the inspiration for her 2008 track Hey Stephen during an interview on Tuesday night.

The singer spoke to Stephen Colbert about the tune on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, with the chat show host asking whether or not she'd penned the song about him.

"It's just the power of music," she said, adding: "Don't flatter yourself."

The jokey sketch continued with Swift holding up a mood board covered in pictures of Colbert's face, and revealing that she even knows his social security number.

The Fearless star then changed direction as she hilariously revealed she'd actually written the song about horror author Stephen King.

"He's amazing," the 31-year-old gushed. "The Dark Tower series changed my life. Plus, The Shining, The Stand. And don't even get me started on his short stories."

The sketch ended with Swift apparently receiving a call from King himself.