Paris Hilton is overwhelmed by the support she received after leading a protest outside her old Utah boarding school on Friday.

The socialite and DJ has been campaigning for the closure of Provo Canyon School, which focuses on the behavioural and mental development of students, after claiming she was physically and mentally abused by staff at the facility when she spent almost a year there aged 17.

More than 130,000 people have since backed the cause, and on Friday, Hilton boarded a private jet to Utah to join forces with other alleged victims and stage a demonstration for the #BreakingCodeSilence movement.

Reflecting on the overwhelmingly positive reactions she has received, The Simple Life star penned on Twitter: "I was blown away by the love & support. You are all such incredible people in the survivor community."

"I admire your strength, bravery, resilience & passion. And I love and stand with you all," she wrote, adding, "This is just the beginning!"

Earlier, Paris tweeted that, "Yesterday was one of the most empowering moments of my life," as she shared a video from a local Fox TV affiliate about the protest.

"Returning to the place that has haunted my nightmares since I was a teen. Being there surrounded by hundreds of other survivors who have all endured the same pain & abuses that I have," she continued. "Showing our abusers that we will no longer be silent & expose them for all the evil terrible things that they have done.

"Taking back our power & making it loud & clear that this child abuse needs to end! Thank you all yesterday for your kind words of love & encouragement."

Paris recently opened up about the trauma she allegedly suffered in her YouTube documentary, This Is Paris, and started a petition demanding the place be closed for good.