Kelly Clarkson was floored by her Outstanding Talk Show Host win at the Daytime Emmy Awards last month, because she forgot all about the ceremony.

The singer, who now has a namesake hit daytime show, reveals she was at home with her kids when the honours were being handed out virtually, and she didn't realise she'd won a big prize until a producer called.

"I honestly forgot it was on," the Since U Been Gone singer tells Today. "I was doing Legos with my kids.

"Usually, you're at the awards shows, so I'm not watching them... My executive producer called me and was like, 'You're the best host!', and I was like, 'That's so nice...' I thought she was just being nice... and apparently I won, and then I was kinda bummed that I missed it."

Kelly says once she realised what was going on, her six-year-old daughter River Rose and son Remington Alexander, four, were over the moon to see their mom succeed.

"It was actually cute. My kids were jumping up and down 'cos I was like, 'Mommy won!' They had no idea why they were screaming, but they were very excited," she smiled.