Charli XCX is unlikely to release the album she was working on before the Covid-19 pandemic as she fears its tracks will seem dated.

The British musician has dropped a new record, How I'm Feeling Now, of tracks recorded entirely in lockdown, sharing her creative processes with fans.

However, the album Charli was working on before the coronavirus hit may never see the light of day as she's no longer inspired by the material.

"One thing I will struggle with is, I was making a different album before quarantine and I do love a lot of those songs, but they're going to feel so old to me if they do eventually come out. It just doesn't inspire me to talk about songs I made a year-and-a-half ago," the Boom Clap hitmaker told Britain's Music Week magazine.

The star also said that How I'm Feeling Now has proved to herself and her team that albums do not need a long gestation period.

"There's a stigma that albums have to take a long time, and obviously with this album, I'm showing that they don't," the 27-year-old noted. "We're in a world now where it is quite interesting to play with the dynamic of an album campaign."

Speaking about her hopes for the lockdown record, Charli added: "I want it to feel like a timestamp, but also to still sound relevant when this is all over."

How I'm Feeling Now is out now.