The 'Bedroom Floor' hitmaker admits there are times when he feels "self-conscious" but he does try to focus on the positives.

Speaking to The Zoe Report, he shared: "We do live in the moment at times like these, but we can also be self-conscious of things. We are all capable of mistakes and capable of making it better. Just remember those two things and try to push through whatever problem, and stay in the moment, don't miss out on life."

Meanwhile, Liam previously revealed he wants people to put their phones down and reconnect with one another.

The 'Strip That Down' hitmaker said: "When I was in remote Africa, there was no phone signal and no clouds in the sky, so no light pollution. We were making fires, and chatting was our only entertainment. And when you're able to sit in silence with somebody and not have to fill it, that's when you know you've got a true friend, a true relationship with somebody. I think I and a lot of people have kind of lost touch with that because we're so used to these little 30-second bites of information.

"It has taught me that with the way life is, especially with social media and with young people who are its biggest consumers, we're so much more interested in what everybody else is doing, we're forgetting to just be ourselves.

So, I recommend that everyone puts their phones down and stops for a few minutes every day. They'll find they're not spending their hours consumed by thinking about what everybody else is doing. Because if you get wrapped up in this manic merry-go-round and in everybody else's problems, you forget to deal with your own. And you fail to see the bigger picture."