is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Save Me For A Rainy Day' by Kailey Nicole.

When Nashville-based country artist Kailey Nicole sings about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of romance, she's singing from hard experience: she's been there, she's made it through with her chin up, and she's ready to share what she's experienced.

Fans have become accustomed to getting the whole package from Kailey Nicole. A gifted country storytelling songwriter with strong traditionalist leanings, she's a powerful a force on record. Her self-titled EP introduces fans of country music to a singer of great communicative power – an artist wholl catch your ear from the very first syllable and won't let you go until the narrative is over. To produce the six-song set, she's enlisted the help of veteran producer Niles Thomas and Grammy-winning engineer and masterer Bonzai Caruso, who has worked with everyone from Madonna to Stephen Marley. Together, they've made an EP of uncommon depth: one that's immediately catchy and fresh, but also one that, because of its coherence and focus, stands up to repeated plays.

Have you ever felt like a lover wasn't ready to commit, or maybe that you yourself weren't in the mindset to make things real? That's the feeling Kailey Nicole encapsulates in her new song and lyric video "Save Me For A Rainy Day": maybe things have gone too far, but who says it all has to be over for good just yet? Maybe there's a possibility of something in the future. Suitably, the video takes place on a rainy, dreary, day; from the interstate at rush hour, to planes sitting on the tarmac at the airport, to a window at home, the words float on the screen in delicate script. These are scenes that, in sunlight, are nothing out of the ordinary, but on a rainy day, it can't help but feel gray.

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