Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard FaceTimes Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music to discuss his new band project, The Aubreys, how that came together and who he'd love to open for.

Finn also goes into details about his previous band, Calpurnia, and talks about how the band became too 'business-y', clashed with his acting jobs and more.

On why Calpurnia came to an end and wanting to focus on his acting...
We played some incredible shows, but it just became really taxing because I'm an actor...that's what pays the bills and what I do 99% of the time. It was hard for the label and the band to honour that because we'd be getting shows and I wasn't allowed to do them. It just became way more of a chore than fun, because it wasn't fun. We had so many obligations that I just didn't ... I already had so many obligations that I didn't want to complicate things.

On how Calpurnia became too 'business-y'...
It just became really business-y. The minute it becomes more about business than the music, you should get out of there. We call that a hiatus, just testing stuff out. Malcolm and I randomly hung out. That's what we do, we just jam. We've been jamming since we were 11 and then we were like, "This is what it should be."

On who he'd love The Aubreys to open for and wanting to play festivals...
People like Fontaines DC and Snail Mail, all these indie rock artists, indie rock gods. Wilco and Flaming Lips and all those people. We're interested in doing some DIY shows, and then next year we want to do, if festivals will have us, do festivals and open for people on those tours and stuff.