The Little Mix star has been watching the much-discussed Netflix documentary - which centres on the life of eccentric zookeeper Joe Exotic - during the coronavirus lockdown, and Jade has admitted to being baffled by the series.

The 27-year-old singer shared: "I've been keeping quite busy actually.

"I'm here with some friends, so we've been watching Netflix, watching 'Tiger King' on Netflix. It is the weirdest thing. I didn't think it was real at first. I can't believe it's real life but anyways, I've been watching that.
"Doing a bit of Lego, a bit of cleaning and all the good stuff."

Jade's bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock also revealed she's still got plenty going on in her life, despite the current lockdown.

Asked about what she's currently up to, Leigh-Anne told 'The Rebecca Judd Show' on Apple Music: "Lots of cooking. Just TikTok. It's so good. I feel like it's for fun ... oh God it's addictive. I'm tired from doing it ['Break Up Song' dance], it's so fun to do. I get a sweat on.

"But can I just say, though, I feel like when we all get lives again, we're not going to go on TikTok anymore. It's so time consuming."

Meanwhile, Jade also revealed that the girl group - which also stars Jesy Nelson and Perrie Edwards - have all being keeping in touch with each other via WhatsApp.

She said: "We've got a WhatsApp group, a little group chat going on, but I think it's odd because we usually see each other every single day.

"Usually get a few weeks off over Christmas where we don't see each other that much because we want to see our family and friends and stuff. I think we'll get proper withdrawal symptoms in another week or so!"