Little Mix speak to Rebecca Judd on Apple Music about the release of their new single ‘Break Up Song’. Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne from the band chat to Rebecca about being in self-isolation and how it’s one of the longest periods of time they’ve been away from one another, and what they’ve been doing to keep busy including TikTok addictions and watching Netflix’s smash hit 'Tiger King’.

They also talk about how they got goosebumps when they first heard latest single ‘Break Up Song’ similar to when they first heard previous singles 'Shout Out to My Ex' and 'Black Magic’, and the fan reaction to the new song. Elsewhere in the interview they discuss group chats, how they’re missing normal life, their ideal self-isolation partner and how there’s more music to come very soon.

On being in self-isolation…
Perrie: Yeah, probably [one of the longest periods they’ve been away from each other], besides Christmas time. It feels weird.
Leigh-Anne: It is really strange. So strange.
Jade: I think it's more like missing everyone, being able to see your family and your friends when you want but you can't. It's just so strange.

On what they’ve been doing to keep busy, Netflix’s 'Tiger King’ and TikTok addictions…
Jade: I've been keeping quite busy actually. I'm here with some friends, so we've been watching Netflix, watching 'Tiger King' on Netflix. It is the weirdest thing. I didn't think it was real at first. I can't believe it's real life but anyways, I've been watching that. Doing a bit of Lego, a bit of cleaning and all the good stuff.

Perrie: Obviously looking after the new puppy [her new French bulldog puppy, Travis], tidying the house because it's constantly an absolute tip. Knitting, baking, cooking, jigsaws, dancing, scooter. I've got scooters arrived in the garage. We were prepared for this. We got activities before we even decided to go on lockdown because we just thought, right, we need activities to do.

Leigh-Anne: Lots of cooking. Just TikTok. It's so good. I feel like it's for fun...oh God it's addictive. I'm tired from doing it ['Break Up Song’ dance], it's so fun to do. I get a sweat on. But can I just say though, I feel like when we all get lives again, we're not going to go on TikTok anymore. It's so time consuming.

On keeping in touch during this time and missing normal life…
Jade: We've got a WhatsApp group, a little group chat going on, but I think it's odd because we usually see each other every single day. Usually get a few weeks off over Christmas where we don't see each other that much because we want to see our family and friends and stuff. I think we'll get proper withdrawal symptoms in another week or so!

Leigh-Anne: I just miss normal life. I love being out and working. I love doing things. As much as I love staying at home, I actually want to be out.

On the new single ‘Break Up Song’ and fan interaction…
Perrie: I think we were the most excited about this song. When we first sort of played it and heard it we got that tingly feeling that we got with 'Shout Out to My Ex' and 'Black Magic'. It felt really special and I think more than ever, this is the perfect time we drop a really happy single for everyone listening while they're at home, do you know what I mean?

Jade: It's for the fans. It's for anyone that's been through a break-up really.

Leigh-Anne: You know what I keep reading a lot of as well? I keep reading a lot of tweets and messages from fans or people who are loving it, "Like this is the best song ever, I love it so much, I've never been through a break up in my life but I still love it." And it's like you don't even have to really listen to the concept necessarily, it's just a feel good, vibey song.

On performing the single live…
Perrie: Can't wait, can't wait. We are a bit gutted because we were meant to do a video shoot that we were all really excited about. But obviously with everything going on we had to cancel it. So yeah, I think we're really excited to bring the song to life.

On more music to come soon…
Jade: We've already got a few singles in the pipeline. That we're very excited about, yay! It's all sort of weirdly just come together naturally. It hasn't been that stressful of a process I think in terms of the songs and writing good music.

On who they would choose to self-isolate with...
Perrie: My mum. It's weird not being able to see our mums isn't it?
Jade: Especially as my mum's by herself. So I feel really sorry for her.