Rita Ora is volunteering her time to assist Britain's struggling National Health Service (NHS) amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the singer's mother Vera Sahatciu, the Let You Love Me star is "very keen to do her bit" as the U.K. battles Covid-19, and has offered her services as a volunteer alongside her older sister Elena.

"They'll be among the people who deliver medical supplies, collect prescriptions, check on the elderly and make phone calls to lonely and vulnerable members of the community," Sahatciu told Hello! magazine of her daughters.

Rita's new role comes after her mother made the decision to return to the NHS to help support British medical professionals during the ongoing public health crisis.

According to Hello! magazine, the psychiatrist will be "helping prevent mental health and perinatal patients becoming exposed" to the coronavirus - a job that has only served to increase Rita's admiration of her mum.

"My mother has always been my hero, but this pandemic has honestly made her a superhero in my eyes," the 29-year-old gushed. "She is so brave and has been through so much on her own, yet her generosity to help others just cements what I know my mother is capable of. I'm so happy the rest of the world has now got to see it too."