All Time Low have released their eighth studio album - and want the record to give people "a bit of hope" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The US rockers dropped new record 'Wake Up, Sunshine' on Friday (03.04.20), and frontman Alex Gaskarth is keen for the album to be an "escape for people" during the current worldwide health crisis.

He said: "I just hope that it’s a bright light. I hope it’s an escape for people. I hope it gives people a bit of hope and somewhere to go during this … whatever we’re going through right now.

"For us, making this record was really cathartic and healing for us in a lot of ways.

"I think it really rekindled our passion for the band and each other.

"Not to say that it was lacking, just it’s nice when 15 years into a career that you can do something in a way that inspires you and suddenly makes the whole thing feel brand new.

"I hope that the sentiment carries over as people live with the music and digest it."

All Time Low considered delaying the release of their album due to the coronavirus pandemic, and despite admitting a postponement could've helped their first week of sales, the 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' hitmakers wanted to try to help people "feel great" at this time instead.

Speaking to music website Don't Bore Us, Alex said: "We thought that putting this record out on time was important. Sure, we could push it back, but at the same time does that really do any good for anyone?

"Sure, it might help our first week of sales, or something like that, but that’s really not what this is about. It’s about sending a message and being that thing to make people feel great.

"We need more of that in the world right now, so hopefully we can contribute in a small way or a big way, either way."