The country music icon has urged her fans to "keep the faith" as she insisted staying positive was the best way to deal with the ongoing health crisis.

In an Instagram video, she sang: "Well hello it's Dolly, climbing the stairway to heaven, because the virus has scared the h-e-l-l out of us."

She laughed: "I'm not making light of the situation. Well, maybe I am, because it's the light, I believe that's gonna dissolve the situation.

"I think God is in this, I really do. I think he's trying to hold us up to the light so we can see ourselves and see each other through the eyes of love. And I hope we learn that lesson."

The 74-year-old singer insisted people will be in a "better" place once the current situation is over.

She added: "I think that when this passes, we're gonna all be better people. I know that I have a positive attitude about it, as negative as it seems to be right now. So just keep the faith, don't be too scared, it's gonna be alright, God loves us."

The '9 to 5' hitmaker's comments come after it was revealed she would be teaming with Imagination Library for a new series titled 'Goodnight with Dolly'. The book reading project will be a 10-week series that will focus on "comforting and reassuring children" during the pandemic, which has left many forced to stay in their homes.

For 'Goodnight with Dolly' - which will be free - Dolly will read from a number of popular books including 'The Little Engine That Could', 'There's a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake', 'Llama Llama Red Pajama'. The country singer will also read stories such as 'I Am a Rainbow', 'Pass It On', 'Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon' and 'Coat of Many Colours'.

The new series - titled The Book Lady - will premiere on April 2, 2020 for 10 weeks, starting at 7:00pm EST each Thursday night.

It will be available via Imagination Library, Dolly Parton, World Choice Investments, and Dollywood channels.