Miley Cyrus recently suffered a panic attack as she self-isolated amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Malibu singer spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music on Wednesday, where she opened up on how social distancing has affected her mental health.

"I was laying out in the grass and I was just looking up at the stars, and thinking about how fortunate and lucky I am that I live in a space where I can still go out and I can take a walk," she said. "But I was thinking about how everyone doesn't have that space... So, I started having this fear and anxiety and panic, and I actually started giving myself really cold feet. My feet started going really cold, my hands going really cold, and I realised I was actually having a full-on anxiety attack."

While Miley admitted she misses her dad, country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, "the most" while in self-isolation, she added it's given her a newfound appreciation for the people in her life.

"We get so numb to people opening the door for us and saying, 'Good morning. How are you?'" the 27-year-old explained. "What would we give right now for it to be safe to open the door for somebody, but right now when we open the door, we think, 'Oh, where's my glove, let me get my hoodie. I'm not allowed to look at you. Get six feet away from me.'

"I miss that human connection," she said, adding: "I want to take all of these philosophies that I'm learning inside my house outside of my house when it's safe to do so."