Jack Cochrane and co used to go to a school in West Lothian in Scotland with the 'Someone You Loved It' hitmaker and used to cover songs with their tour buddy at their parties, but the rock band has insisted they aren't going to record a song with Lewis anytime soon.

Frontman Jack explained to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "We used to play covers at parties with Lewis and that's the kind of things we'd do again.

"If we do more songs with Lewis, it'd just be for a bit fun, nothing serious."

The four-piece have decided to put off all collaborations - until they perfect their own sound.

When asked if they would team up with DJ Fatboy Slim, who they penned a track about, Jack replied: "We love him, but for us collaborations is something we will only do a few years down the line."

He continued: "In the music scene, The Snuts are scene as quite anti-social!

"But that's only because we're so focused on what we're doing as musicians, and that it's all about making our own music better first - that keeps us hungry."

The Snuts - whose EP, 'Mixtape', reached the Top 20 in the Official UK Chart - also insist they are "riskier" than a standard rock band.

Jack continued: "We've recorded in Los Angeles because we didn't want to make a British-sounding record, we wanted something fresher than usual.

"The average lifespan of an album seems to be three weeks these days, and we want ours to be more concrete and classic."

The musician added how their “mad" fans in Scotland have taken to lobbing their shoes at them at their gigs.