Katy Perry has admitted she "wasn't ready" to have children a couple of years ago.

The Never Worn White singer, who is expecting a baby with her fiance Orlando Bloom, opened up about her journey so far during an interview with Australia's Fifi, Fev & Byron radio show.

"I was that girl, or am still that girl, that had that box, the baby clothes before there was the thought, or even an Orlando Bloom. I'm excited about that and like I said, I have two nieces and one nephew that I'm obsessed with," she smiled. "I think, definitely, everything's changing. I wasn't ready a couple years ago, and I did the work to get ready and now I'm really ready. I see a baby and I'm like (makes gaga face). It's just time for me and it's the right time."

Katy has yet to reveal whether she's expecting a girl or a boy but added that she's already started pondering names for her first baby.

Asked if she has any monikers in mind, the 35-year-old replied: "Yeah, of course. I've strategised a record before, and my life and my career. There's been some thoughts in some of these things."

As for whether not Orlando has any say on the name choice, Katy giggled: "We make him think he does. That's how you do it. No, of course he does! He's incredible. That's why we're on this journey."