The 'No Time To Die' hitmaker has vowed to stop reading comments made about her on Instagram, Twitter and other online platforms and slammed "cancel culture" as completely "insane". Buy tickets below.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, she said: "I stopped like two days ago. I've stopped reading comments fully. It was ruining my life. It's weird. The cooler the things you get to do, the more people hate you. Cancel culture is insane. The internet is a bunch of trolls and the problem is a lot of it is really funny. It's anything for a joke. People say anything to make people laugh. It's insane that I have ever been reading comments. I should've stopped long ago but the problem is I've always wanted to stay in touch with my fans and people have ruined that for me and for them. That sucks. I still try to like fan posts. If I see fans anywhere I just want to talk to them. They're people, they're me. They're like friends of mine, but the internet is ruining my life, so I turned it off."

Meanwhile, Billie previously admitted that dealing with her intense fandom can be quite intimidating.

She explained: "It's crazy. Fandoms are a really insane thing. It's strange growing up as a fan, wishing my favourite artist would do this or that, and now being on the other side. Now I understand why my favourite artist couldn't do this, or couldn't be this way when I wanted them to be. And it's a big responsibility, but the fans are the reason that you're anywhere, pretty much, and they actually have my back most of the time. So yeah, I love them. It's a lot of responsibility, but I just live with it, you know?"

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