The 58-year-old singer insisted she "hasn't got the time" for romance but made an exception six years ago and caused panic because she didn't tell anyone where she'd gone and was due on stage hours later.

Asked if she ever dates, she said: "You mean go with fellas? No, youngsters may be able to do it but I haven't got the time.

"It is still nice to be asked though.

"I had a date in America six years ago which lasted exactly 45 minutes.

"I went for a massage in the spa of a hotel and met a doctor and then we went out for lunch.

"I didn't tell anyone and my team thought I'd been kidnapped. They were really panicking because I had a show that night."

Although Susan admitted her date was "nice", she wasn't interested in seeing him again.

She said: "The guy was nice, but he wasn't for me. I couldn't be dealing with keeping up with the correspondence."
And the 'Wild Horses' hitmaker doesn't make finding love a priority.

Asked if she's open to romance, she told Britain's OK! Magazine: "No, I'm not advertising. It's never been a priority for me."

Meanwhile, Susan has been learning to drive but isn't confident in her skills, particularly because she almost "ran over" a member of her team last summer.

She said: "I've spent a bit on driving lessons but I haven't managed to pass yet.

"I've got a provisional license, but they might put a giant cross on it as I nearly ran my PR over in the summer."