The Tame Impala star - who is back with new album 'The Slow Rush' today (14.02.20) - has revealed he was inspired by just how "human" the 'Born This Way' hitmaker was when they were in the studio for her 2016 LP ‘Joanne’. Buy tickets below.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Kevin shared: “It was great being in the same room as her.

“Not just to witness the conviction she has for what she’s doing but also to see how human she is.

“It was inspiring because I realised you don’t need a superhuman level of confidence to still be confident in what you’re doing.”

He added: “I decided to be confident because I was wasting my time not being confident.

“I’ve seen people around me that have conviction and I realised conviction is so important in moving forward with music or art.

“Although it’s a strong word, I’m kind of repulsed by lack of conviction.”

The 'Let It Happen' musician also admitted that he's always been scared of getting up on stage and performing in front of thousands of people, but having music he released with the pop superstar heard by millions of people is not terrifying at all.

He explained: “The idea of me making anything that’s experienced 400million times would be terrifying if it wasn’t music.

“I can’t imagine anything worse than getting up on stage in front of however many thousand people and just talking.”
Meanwhile, Kevin recently revealed that Travis Scott and getting stoned inspired 'The Slow Rush'.

The 34-year-old star admitted he's willing to try "anything" that will get his creative juices flowing, and so he purposely made himself "uncomfortable" by being stoned in public.

He said: "I'll do anything that gets me inspired, anything that kind of gives me, that causes those lightning bolts.

"Even with this album, I was doing things that made me uncomfortable just for the purpose of being creative because I'm the most creative when I'm uncomfortable.

"I hate being stoned in public, so I'll like get stoned and go to the shops [so] the start of one of the songs was from that."

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