Slowthai has "unreservedly apologised" to Katherine Ryan after making sexual comments towards her at the 2020 NME Awards.

At the ceremony in London on Wednesday night (12.02.20), the 'Doorman' rapper put his arms around the Canadian comedian - who was co-hosting the ceremony with Julie Adenuga - and asked her to smell his cologne.

The 25-year-old British musician then continued to drunkenly flirt with Katherine, 36, saying: "Babygirl, I don't want to have to do this to you right now, but everybody - she needs to understand the levels right now. If you want to do something, see me later."

Slowthai finished the awkward exchange by saying: "She wants me to tend to her flowers. You’ve never had no one play with you the way I play."

His comments promoted Katherine to sarcastically reply: "You are like the hottest guy I’ve ever seen ... I am so thirsty for your c**k, thank you for the attention ... You are younger than my babysitter."

Katherine took to Twitter to tell the world that Slowthai did not make her "uncomfortable" but his behaviour was heavily criticised by numerous people online and those in attendance at the event and he has now logged on to his Twitter to say sorry to the comic.

Slowthai - real name Tyron Frampton - had been voted as the winner of the Hero of the Year Award but he has told NME to give his statuette to Katherine because he doesn't deserve it.

He tweeted: "@nme please forward my award to @kathbum for she is the hero of the year. what started as a joke between us escalated to a point of shameful actions on my part. i want to unreservedly apologise, there is no excuse and I am sorry. i am not a hero.

"Katherine, you are a master at your craft and next time i'll take my seat and leave the comedy to you. to any woman or man who saw a reflection of situations they've been in in those videos, i am sorry. i promise to do better. let's talk here. (sic)"

Katherine accepted his apology, acknowledging that the rap star was joking and she went on to reassure him that "a bad day on social media passes so quickly".

She tweeted: "I knew you were joking and congratulations on your very award-worthy album! I hope you know that a bad day on social media passes so quickly. Everything will be better tomorrow. Xx."

Tempers flared later in the evening at the O2 Academy Brixton when Slowthai was on stage to accept his accolade - which was voted for by the public - when lashed out after an audience member who branded him "misogynistic" for his behaviour towards Katherine.

The rapper yelled: "Misogynistic? I stand for equality ... if you can't take a joke, sit down ... Thank you for ruining my speech."

He then threw his microphone at the spectator and, after the man threw it back and called him a "wasteman", Slowthai then chucked his champagne glass into the crowd and launched himself off stage, with security holding him back following a brief tussle.