The singer-turned-designer has established two different fashion brands over recent years, Savage X Fenty and Fenty, and Rihanna has insisted she loves the two companies equally.

She shared: "It's like having two kids but one is a newborn, and one is three. They need a different amount of attention, and they need a different amount of intimacy.

"I love them all the same but they're all different kids."

Rihanna, 31, also revealed that with her latest Fenty collection, she's been determined to design clothes that aren't gender specific.

Speaking to the Cut, the pop icon explained: "I just feel like there should be no one to tell me where the hell to buy my s**t that I want to wear.

"So when it comes to my demographic, I feel like they think the same way, and they really exude that. When I'm designing and I have them in mind, I don't think I should tell them what to do or where to shop."

Similarly, Rihanna recently revealed she does most of her shopping "in the men's section".

The chart-topping singer - who has taken style inspiration from 'Master of None' star Lena Waithe - admitted to loving "non-binary" designs.

Asked to name a celebrity she'd love to style, Rihanna said: "Lena Waithe. I love her. I love her attitude, she's so intelligent, she's so talented, but her style is something that I really respect, because it boarders on the line of non-binary, and I enjoy that.

"That's what Fenty really stands for, we have a lot of unisex styles. I shop mostly in the men's section, so when making my clothes that was always in mind, like, I want guys to love my stuff too."