The 26-year-old star insists there has been something "deeper" involved in his career glory because he knows people who are just as talented but haven't had the opportunities he's had. Buy tickets below.

He said: "God gets all the glory for everything.

" know I'm capable of being a success. But more than all of that, God engineers my whole s**t. He's the reason for everything.

"Even coming from where man comes from. I got so many bredrens who are just as smart as me, or smarter than me, or can make music just as well, and still didn't have that opportunity. So there's something deeper here to it."
The 'Vossi Bop' hitmaker turned to his faith during his headline slot at Glastonbury last year when his in-ear monitors "blew" and he couldn't hear properly, so was worried the performance was a disaster.

He recalled in an interview with the new issue of Britain's GQ magazine: "All I can hear is the festival speakers. And I'm just rapping and just praying to God that I'm on time.

"And the song just finishes and I'm thinking, 'Bruv, you can't hear s**t. You're at Glastonbury. And you can't hear s**t. This is a s**t show.'...

"I'm listening to the festival speakers, which are delayed, so if I go with that I'm going to be off beat. So then I'm just listening to the drums and performing with muscle memory. I'm like, 'You're f***ed, but just do it.' And I'm thinking the whole time I'm off beat.

"I know it's delayed, but I'm thinking just spit, just spit, just spit.

"All that was going through my head was, 'Bruv, you have absolutely f***ed it.' "

When he came off stage, Stormzy flew into a rage before collapsing into tears.

He added: "I was just bawling my eyes out. I thought, 'You have just absolutely fucked that.' I haven't cried like that since primary school. I just broke down."

Read the full feature in the March issue of British GQ, available via digital download and on newsstands on Friday (07.02.20).

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