Billie Eilish's mother Maggie uses social media to reach out to her daughter's fans and help those who are suffering with mental health issues.

The Bury a Friend hitmaker, 18, has spoken openly about her battles with depression, and her struggles have prompted her mum to keep in touch with her fanbase and offer help where necessary.

"People tell me at meet and greets, 'My daughter was hospitalised five times this year, and your daughter's music has been the only thing that kept her going,'" she told U.S. Vogue magazine.

According to the publication, a young Finnish fan once sent a letter to the house explaining that she had a ticket to an upcoming concert but wasn't sure she would survive to see it, prompting Maggie to connect with her through social media and ensure that she got help.

"These are girls for whom Billie is their lifeline. It's very intense," she added.

Maggie went on to confess it took her a while to understand the lyrics her daughter and son Finneas - Billie's collaborator and producer - write, explaining: "I needed to understand that this was essentially creative writing.

"Parenting a teenager can be harder than parenting a toddler. You have to be there at 2 am to talk them down, then they roll their eyes at you and tell you they hate you. There were things Billie did that totally worried me in terms of her behaviour.

"The stuff she used to write on her bedroom walls scared me: 'Why am I alive?' The things she did on social media - DM'ing (direct messaging) with a stranger purporting to be a boy in Florida. It's a scary time for kids online... But not the lyrics. The really dark stuff is fiction."