Selena Gomez learned to turn her vulnerability into a strength during the process of making her new album Rare.

The 27-year-old has received commercial and critical acclaim for her new project, which is expected to chart highly worldwide following its release last Friday.

Speaking to Billboard about the record, the Lose You to Love Me hitmaker confessed she hasn't "really come up for air" since laying down her vocals, but called making the album "one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me".

Citing the track Vulnerable, Selena explained: "It is saying, after completely being depleted from life or whatever... I turned bitter for a while... I was extremely bitter and very dry. I was just disconnected to my feelings for so long. But I go to therapy, I talk about everything that I'm walking through. I felt like, 'Why do I do this? Why do I give myself away to people, even if it's just friends or random people? Why do I do that?'

"And I realised it is because one of my strengths, that I thought was a weakness, is being vulnerable. So when we worked on the song, that's exactly where it started. If I can give you all of myself, are you able to take that, and take care of that? And if you're not, then I'm still gonna be who I am. I'm just not gonna have you in my life, but I'm gonna continue to be who I am."

Back in 2018, it was reported the singer suffered a mental breakdown and was seeking professional help for anxiety and depression after splitting with ex Justin Bieber and undergoing a kidney transplant due to complications from her battle with autoimmune disease lupus. She later confirmed she relied on therapy to pull her through the tough time.