Halsey dedicated her performance of Without Me to her late rapper friend Juice WRLD during her concert in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday night.

The singer was performing at the Pandora Live concert held at the Great Hall at Avant Gardner when she remembered her pal, with whom she collaborated on the remix of Without Me.

Speaking to the crowd, Halsey said: "Life is short, we should appreciate every single moment that we have together."

Since his death on Sunday aged 21, dozens of music stars have been coming forward to pay tribute to the rapper.

Lil Mosey, who opened for Juice on his World Domination Tour last year, kicking off his own career in the process, remembered his friend in a statement to Billboard.

"Juice was my bro," he said. "He believed in me early and was always genuine. We toured the world together. Some of my favourite memories was just traveling to different cities. Big bro a legend and I'm forever grateful for him giving me the opportunity to tour with him."

Details about Juice's death are still emerging, but the rapper is believed to have swallowed several Percocet tablets during a police raid of his private jet after they were tipped off about drugs and guns on board.

He suffered a fatal seizure on the plane, allegedly due to the Percocet overdose, and was treated with an anti-opioid by a federal agent, but died in hospital several hours later.

Following his passing, numerous music stars have pledged not to take drugs any more, including Lil Mosey and Trippie Redd, who took to Instagram Live to announce his new lifestyle.

"We ain't doin' it no more," he explained. "Period. If it ain't weed, we ain't doin' it no more. And when I say 'we,' I mean us as a group. Us as a whole, the whole emo music artists. No drugs."

"It's not cool. We look up to all these bigger artists, all these grown-ass men and all they do is talk about poppin' pills and sippin' codeine and all that s**t... It's music. N***as know what they get theyself into but at the same time, it's like, we gotta be the strongest people to be like, 'Okay, n***as is just using this for rhymes at this point.' Let it just be that, you feel me? I'll be the first to say: I ain't sippin' no lean, I ain't poppin' no pills but I'mma still talk about it in music. Maybe."