Camila Cabello didn't kiss her boyfriend Shawn Mendes during their American Music Awards performance as she felt too shy.

The pop power couple wowed viewers by performing their hit Senorita at the U.S. music prizegiving last month, but stopped short of locking lips during a steamy conclusion in which they got up close and personal.

Speaking to Extra, the Havana hitmaker revealed that she didn't kiss on stage because she had a shy moment.

"I actually just get shy, weirdly. I feel like I would kiss him in the dress rehearsal, but then we are onstage and then something stops me," the 22-year-old said.

Despite her nervousness about making a public display of affection, Camila feels the performance strengthened their love for one another - as it reminded her of how much she trusts her 21-year-old beau.

"It's really comforting and nice to have somebody onstage with you that loves you and has your back," the superstar added. "It reminds you what's really important, too, which is the love you have for each other and I don't just mean that in a romantic way because I felt that way even when we were friends. It's really nice, really special."

Camila found love with Shawn earlier this year after rekindling a friendship that then led to more, and which has inspired her new album, Romance. The record is available from Friday.