Fitzy said he’s seen the transformation with Robbie Williams in 2019, and he asked what the association is with food now – Robbie said it’s “I love food and hate myself relationship!”. He said “Ayda my wife made me give up smoking, and I didn’t want to do it, but I thought I aware to change how I feel about this so I gave up smoking and lose weight which almost sounds impossible.. well I did it! I’ve lost 14 pounds!”

Wippa said last time they caught up, Robbie was talking about his previous habits compared to who he is now, and Wippa said he got excited because the next day was Tuesday and he was allowed some sugar that day. Robbie responded with “that’s how embarrassing I’ve become as a human now. It used to be cocaine and strippers, and now it’s sort of like, chocolates and squid, but I’m loving life!”

Fitzy asked Robbie about Tyson Fury on The Christmas Present and who ”Bad Sharon” is on the song – Robbie said “It’s about an office party in the 70’s”.

Wippa revealed that Pepa Pig’s Christmas album is what Robbie Williams is up against for The Christmas Present. Robbie responded “I hate that pig! I don’t mean to talk out of terms but I’ve heard some vicious rumours about that pig”.

Fitzy reminded Williams about the time he threw down Liam Gallagher at the 2000 brit awards regarding a fight in the ring – Robbie responded “Pepa pig can train me but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen as he hasn’t answered to my request for a fight. You know why he hasn’t answered? Because he’s a pussy!

Wippa said he remembered Williams’ house, a castle on cribs, because he had a hired help called ‘scroat’ – Williams stopped Wippa and made the confession that it wasn’t his house “it wasn’t my house..! you know the actress Jane Seymour? It was her house! And we didn’t an episode of cribs there, and I need to apologise to her, because I pretended it was my house. But also, I don’t know if you know the story about the maid that was coming in and giving me release in the morning?

Robbie proceeded “you don’t know that story? Ohh gosh, well, ok, I rented this castle, Jane Seymour’s, I’m in the main room, I go to sleep and I wake up in the morning, my eyes can barely open then I hear somebody come into my room obviously cleaning up around me, so they’re cleaning and I’m thinking oh that’s weird that somebody is cleaning up, and then I look up and there’s this lady there. She could have been anywhere between 25-75. This was out in the country, right. She looked at me and said ‘morning!’ she points at my underpants on the floor and looks at me, then she goes ‘have you got morning glory?’ and I went, ‘ok, I’ll s*** you off?’ and I said, alright then, so she did, then she left. That evening I was with the lady that runs the house, and I said to her, the ladies that you have here cleaning today, quite strange! And she said ‘we don’t have cleaners here on a Wednesday!’ some random woman walked in with a feather duster, pretended to clean, did the business then left! I’m telling my band this several years later, and my guitarist said, OH MY GOD!! THAT’S AMAZING – THAT’S MARY FROM THE PUB! SHE TOLD ME SHE DID THAT BUT NOBODY BELIEVED HER!!’ and years later, we hired her to work at our place!!!