R. Kelly's former girlfriend Joycelyn Savage has spoken out against the Patreon account falsely set up in her name to slander the disgraced singer.

Last month, an account was set up in Savage's name, claiming Kelly led her to believe he would help launch her career as a model and singer and even recorded songs with her, but then gave her commands as she started to realise she was a prisoner in his home.

As the page drew media attention, however, it was reported the person behind the account hadn't confirmed their identity with the relevant ID, and it was subsequently shut down due to a failure to do so.

Speaking to TMZ this week, Savage insisted she was not the one behind the allegations and maintained her support for the embattled Ignition hitmaker.

"I am truly tired of all the lies that they are saying about the man we love so much and our best friend, R. Kelly," she read from her phone in footage obtained by the publication. "It has been said that I have left him and that he has abused me and all kinds of nonsense. I have said before, none of that is true."

She went on to question how the singer is supposed to get a fair trial when "all these lies are being told on him".

Meanwhile, Kelly's lawyer Nicole Blank Becker also added in a statement: "The fictitious stories were placed on a public platform to shape public opinion. By no fault of the public, those stories were believed and even relished in.

"Now that we know that Joycelyn Savage was NOT the person behind the stories, we know that stories told were complete fabrications," she explained, reported Entertainment Tonight, calling the situation a "prime example of how easy it is for the wool to be pulled over the public's eyes".

Kelly was arrested earlier this year on a 13-count federal indictment, with a Chicago judge setting a tentative trial date of 14 September for the star on Wednesday. He has pleaded not guilty to all allegations.

Savage, along with another of the I Believe I Can Fly star's "girlfriends", Azriel Clary, previously stood by the musician and claimed their parents were trying to "scam" money out of him with their allegations of abuse.