The 'Lover' hitmaker has seemingly made a dig at Scooter Braun amidst their feud over her older songs, which are owned by Scooter and his Big Machine Records label.

Speaking to the January issue of Vogue magazine, she said: "I think [writing] is really important - also from the side of ownership over what you do and make. Even if you aren't a natural writer, you should try to involve yourself in the messages you're sending."

Taylor and Scooter's most recent feud came when the singer alleged that Big Machine had tried to stop her from performing any of her old material at the American Music Awards (AMAs), as well as banning her from using her tracks in a planned Netflix documentary.

However, Taylor was allowed to perform her songs and at the time, Scooter insisted he is "not going to participate" in his ongoing feud with Taylor.

He said: "I haven't talked about this in six months. Not once. I haven't made a statement about it. I just think we live in a time of toxic division, and of people thinking that social media is the appropriate place to air out on each other and not have conversations. And I don't like politicians doing it. I don't like anybody doing it. If that means that I've got to be the bad guy longer, I'll be the bad guy longer, but I'm not going to participate."

After Taylor went public with her claims, Big Machine later released a statement denying the allegations and insisting there was "false information".

The company said: "As Taylor Swift's partner for over a decade, we were shocked to see her Tumblr statements yesterday based on false information. At no point did we say Taylor could not perform on the AMAs or block her Netflix special. In fact, we do not have the right to keep her from performing live anywhere."