The 44-year-old star was delighted to be back with her former bandmates - Emma Bunton, Mel C and Geri Horner - for their highly anticipated comeback tour earlier this year, and now she has admitted she's already keen for them to get some more plans in place.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the singer - who was nickname Scary Spice in the girl group - said: "I am always going to hold a candle that we can get back on stage together.

"I've always supported that and it worked because we all did it this year together. Well, four of us.

"I even sent a text this week to everyone saying, 'Come on, are we going to do something again or what?' We need to."

Her comments come after Emma, 43, admitted while it can be "difficult" for the band to organise plans around their families and other commitments, she thinks more tours or one-off performances are possible when the time is right.
She recently said: "We talk about it all the time. We are very close.

"We've all got all of our family, our kids, and we love doing stuff together, but it is difficult getting us all to get together to approve things and to make sure we all want to do the same thing.

"But we will always be that unit and we sometimes go, right, let's tour, and sometimes do a gig, let's do an animation film ... so they are the kind of things going on at the moment."

While the 'Stop' singers haven't announced any further plans since the world tour wrapped in summer, she teased new music is on its way when the quartet can find the time to get into the studio together.

She added: "Stuff is bubbling under. We are all mothers. We know it's important to be with our children. And we are four different personalities.

"I'd like to kick some of the girls up the bum though, to get things moving...

"We have talked about new music. I wish I could say more. We are looking at co-writers. We are looking to do this animation project next year.

"I talk to the girls all the time, we're letting it bubble away."