Iggy Azalea has been forced to deny using photo editing software on images from her new EP, Wicked Lips.

The rapper has delayed her album release due to a missed deadline but debuted its artwork online, after which she was accused of editing an acrylic nail onto her pinky finger that had been missing from a previous set of promotional photos from the same shoot.

Commenting on an image from the shoot, one fan wrote: "She had the nail edited!"

However, responding to the accusation, the Fancy star explained that the nail had simply broken during the shoot, leaving her with a missing nail in certain photos.

"LMAO (Laughing My A*s Off], no, it broke mid-shoot," the star fired back.

While the record was set to drop on Friday, Iggy had to push back the release to finish mixing one of the songs.

"I’m really sorry, but I’m still mixing a song on my EP that has a feature on it and there’s no way I can make the deadline," she tweeted on Thursday. "It’s really important to me the song is on the project. Wicked Lips will have to be next week."

Further explaining the delay, she tweeted: "I only got the vocals back on Monday and I want anyone I collaborate with to shine so I’m not gonna upload a mix just to make a deadline if I feel isn’t as good as it can be."

Wicked Lips includes the single Lola, which features up-and-coming singer Alice Chater, and is out now.