Robbie Williams doesn't own a mobile phone.

The former Take That singer is one of Britain's biggest musical names, but told Amazon Prime Video soccer talk show Back of the Net his social media presence is entirely down to the people around him, as he hasn't owned a phone since 2006.

"I’m always on my computer, I’ve always got Wi-Fi... I got rid of (my phone) because I just don’t like them,” he said.

On how he manages to stay active on apps including Twitter and Instagram, he added: “I don’t have my password to anything otherwise my career would be over... I tell several people what to put on there and then that gets vetted, and then it doesn’t go on.”

Robbie's revelation means he's never owned a smartphone, as the industry-changing iPhone launched a year after the star ditched the technology for good.

Back in 2016, Rocket Man singer Elton John confessed he too wasn't a fan of smartphones, and last year complained about their widespread use, saying that before cameras were installed in phones, “you can afford to be out of your mind and behave extraordinarily badly in public and no one would be able to take a photograph – which I did many times!

"Unfortunately that’s all changed with the advent of technology," he lamented. "Going out now is an effort.”

Stars including Eddie Redmayne and Shailene Woodley have also previously confessed to ditching the technology.