The photo sharing app recently announced plans to hide the number of people who have “liked” pictures on the site for other people, meaning the only person who will be able to see the engagement on their content is the owner of the post.

And whilst many have applauded the decision - which is believed to help people combat the pressures of social media - Nicki, 36, has said she’ll stop using Instagram if they implement this feature, because she doesn’t think it’s any “better”.

The ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker tweeted: “I’m not posting on IG after this week cuz they removing the likes. Hmmmm what should I get into now? Think of all the time I’ll have with my new life.

“They took away your engagements in the first place by disrupting the algorithm. Then they boost it to show you how much better this new iPhone is. I mean how much better this new IG feature is. - lemme guess, u don’t believe your iPhone messes up when the new iPhone comes out… (sic)”

Nicki’s outrage comes after Kim Kardashian West said she was pleased to see creators of the app discussing plans to remove likes, although she noted it could have an impact on celebrities and influencers, who often earn a bulk of their money from the amount of followers and interaction they have on a post.

She said: "It is tricky. I think about when I raise my kids: Screen time, phone time, what to post, what not to post. As far as mental health, it's something that, you know - I think taking the 'likes' away and taking that aspect away from it would be really beneficial for people.

"And I know that the Instagram team has been having lots of inner conservations with a bunch of people to get everyone's take on that and is taking it really seriously. And that makes me happy.”

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced plans to test the new feature last week, when he said he wanted to “depressurise” the site for young people.

He said: “Right now, we’re testing making like counts private, so you’ll be able to see how many people liked a given photo of yours or a video of yours, but no one else will. It’s about young people. The idea is to try to ‘depressurise’ Instagram, make it less of a competition and give people more space to focus on connecting with people that they love, things that inspire them.”