The 31-year-old singer romanced the ‘Batman’ actor between 2014 and 2017 with the pair even sparking engagement rumours, and following their split, the musician has now said it took her a while to separate herself from the relationship.

She said: “Unmeshing, like when you're with somebody, your lives become very entwined with like your friends and family and your routine. And then the unmeshing is you're then by yourself and then it's finding your own morning routine, or your nighttime routine. Even something as simple as like, wow, now I can decorate the living room how I want it. Do you know what I mean?

“Well, I had to really find out who I, but I've always known who I am. I have always really known who I am, but it's just kind of discovering like who I was in adult crisis was like a big thing.”

In December 2017, the ‘Cellophane’ singer underwent surgery to remove fibroid tumors from her uterus, and has said not having a partner during her recovery was tough, as she had no-one to call for support.

She added: “I mean, I remember even when I had my operation waking up and like my family had gone home, my friends had gone home and just kind of having no one to call, not because like nobody loves you or not because there is truly no one to call. But just because why? Say like if you're in a relationship, something good happens and you have someone you can call and just say something silly or something bad happens, you can just call and just say something like minor. And it doesn't have to be like a big deal. You couldn't just share, but then having that gone.

“So I remember waking up and it was just nobody. I didn't want to like call my mom and stress her out or anything. She'd just come back. I didn't want a thing to happen, like something's wrong, but just like waking up and just being like, ‘Oh, this is just me.’ ”

Twigs feels “great” as a single woman now though, because she’s learned how to cope on her own.

Speaking to Zane Low of Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, she said: “But that's also great. It's great. And I have a dog and we hang, and I feel like I've never known myself better. I've never felt younger. I feel like I have like a little child inside me that's like alive.”