Dua Lipa has admitted that on her "vulnerable" days she often ends up going "looking for things that I don't want to see" on social media.

The New Rules singer has an active presence on sites such as Twitter and Instagram and regularly updates her fans as to what's going on in her life and career.

While the majority of Dua's fans are supportive and positive, she does get a few horrible comments from trolls. And although she does her utmost to ignore these remarks, she told BBC Breakfast in a new interview that they definitely affect her more when she's having a down day.

"Some days I don’t read into the comments, some days maybe I feel a little bit more vulnerable and I dive in and I almost go looking for things that I don’t want to see," she explained. "I think it’s definitely human nature, I’m not going to hide that. I’m definitely not going to hide that because I want people to hear that we’re all human and we all go through the same thing."

When it comes to her approach regarding social media, the 24-year-old British star has decided to take things in "bite sizes" in a bid to help her anxiety.

"Social media can be such an amazing tool, and it can be so fun to share things but at the same time it’s almost like a breeding ground for hate and anxiety," she mused. "People feel like they can say things because they’re hiding behind a computer screen, and I think, for me, it’s important to use social media like bite sizes."