Aaron Robinson hails from the Midwest of Michigan. He was a teen during the Recession of 2008 and essentially grew up without a father figure and got into trouble. When his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, Robinson felt a sense of freedom and an ability to start with a clean slate. Robinson eventually gave His life to the Lord, and the Christian Hip Hop artist known as Aaron Robinson was born.

Aaron Robinson, won a street heat segment for the City Takers Christian Hip Hop Radio Show back in September of 2017 against with his then brand new single "365 (Confess His Name)". This same song was featured on the widely recognized secular platform World Star Hip Hop, amassing over 8,000 video views in a matter of a few weeks. Aaron Robinson, was also selected to be featured at City Takers 16 Barz Live Challenge in Atlanta, hosted by Trackstarz, Jam the Hype, Rep Da King Magazine, and guest speaker Double ATL. Lastly but not final, AR was featured in a beat battle at the heavily renowned Flavor Fest in October of 2018 which was also sponsored by Trackstarz.

In conclusion, Aaron Robinson has released one album to date entitled "From the Ground Up". AR has worked with fellow artists Bumps INF, Toyalove, and Alexis Spight in collaborative efforts to represent a strong presence within the Christian Hip Hop community and music industry at large.

Instagram: instagram.com/Ar_unitedfront
Music Streaming: aaronrobinson.hearnow.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ar_unitedfront
Facebook: facebook.com/AaronUnitedFrontLine
YouTube: youtube.com/channel

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