Cody Simpson tried to be "respectful" of everything that Miley Cyrus has been through this year before embarking on a romance with her.

The Australian singer and Mother's Daughter star Miley went public with their relationship at the beginning of the month - just two months after she split from husband Liam Hemsworth. Miley also embarked on a short-lived but passionate romance with Kaitlynn Carter after the breakdown of her marriage, and Cody wanted to take all those things into account before he and Miley took their friendship to the next level.

"She's been through a lot this year, I was trying to be respectful of that," he said during an interview on The Kyle & Jackie 'O' Show. "We found each other in a place where we were both ready for something like this."

Cody also insisted that alcohol didn't play a part in him and Miley getting together, as he explained: "We're both sober. I actually stopped drinking the day I started The Masked Singer."

As for why he and Miley work, the 22-year-old said they each bring something different to the plate.

"We balance each other out a lot," he smiled. "I'm very calm, and mellow. She brings me out of my shell because she's naturally very outgoing and passionate. That's always worked for me in a relationship.

"I like to be the best possible boyfriend I can be, especially for her. She deserves that much."