The band's LP 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2' explores the huge impact technology has on our lives, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and climate change, and the 'My Number' hitmaker was able to get a sense of the world's anxieties and see that there is an "invisible glue" holding everyone together.

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, Yannis said: "I would just be looking at a kind of microcosm of society.

"Writing in pubs kept me looking outward in a way where I don't feel like I've done that before.

"Normally, I kind of get lost in myself and end up with lyrics that might be slightly more abstract.

"Whereas by writing in the pub, it was like, 'I'm going to write about the invisible glue around us.'"

The record ended up expressing the "anxiety" surrounding the safeguarding of the planet and fears over technology ruling our lives.

He said: "I wanted to try and express a sense of anxiety about the environment and about being precarious.
"And also anxiety about technology.

"And just about where things are headed.

"I think it's really important for people to go out and live sustainably where possible."

The 33-year-old songwriter insisted that music is very powerful in these times and is needed to provide people with "consolation" and hope.

He added: "There is a reason why music is important, it gives people motivation and consolation and hope and all of these things.

"I think music's no less important because things are bleak outside."

The band recently admitted that the Mercury Prize-nominated record could have shifted sonically into a heavy metal album if they wrote it now, because of their current headspace.

They told BANG Showbiz: "If we'd have made it now we would have probably amped it up even more.

"It would probably be a full metal record."