The 70-year-old musician says he's come to "appreciate the vitality" of his creative life, and claims that over the last five years, he's produced some of the best work of his legendary career.

Bruce - whose most-recent album is called 'Western Stars' - shared: "At 70, you appreciate the vitality of your creative life. I think I've had five years where I've done some of the best work I've ever done, the past five years, the book, the play, the film, this record, that's very exciting, you know.

"To be doing, where I'm at now because people do lose their mojo, they lose interest or you never know when you're gonna write well again.

"You know it's a mystery, but I stay very curious about the world and I'm curious about my own talent and where I can take that and so that keeps you alive and vital and the creative fire burning inside of you pretty brightly so I'm fortunate."

Bruce is no longer able to exercise with the same intensity he could during his younger years - but he's determined to remain in good shape as he nears the end of his career.

He told BBC 6 Music: "I don't run. I can't run anymore!

"I'll walk very fast, however, and I just generally I take care of myself pretty well with the diet and exercise a little bit."