The Black Sabbath rocker has was forced to have surgery after he fell earlier this year and "screwed all the vertebrae" in his neck and, although it's taking him a little bit longer than usual to get over the operation, he's on the right track to full health.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday (10.10.19), he said: "As you probably know or you may not know, at the beginning of this year I had a bad fall.

"I just screwed all the vertebrae in my neck and I had to have surgery. So I've got more nuts and bolts in my neck now than my car. I'm not dying. I am recovering. It's just taking a little bit longer than everyone thought it would."

The injury meant that the 70-year-old rocker had to postpone his tour, but he's looking forward to getting off his "ass" and getting back on the stage for fans.

He explained: "I'm bored stiff. I've been stuck on a f***ing bed all day. I can't wait to get off my ass and get going again but you're just going to have to be a bit more patient. I postponed my European tour because I'm not ready. I'm not retiring. Still got gigs to do. When I do come back on the American tour I want to be 100 percent ready to come out and knock your f***ing socks off.

"I sincerely thank you for your patience, your loyalty, I love you. Now will you f**k off and let me get better?"
Ozzy hasn't had the best year health-wise as just before his fall, he developed pneumonia, had blood clots and got two staph infections in his hand.

He recalled previously: "It's been one of the most f***ed-up years of my life.

"I broke my neck in January, I had pneumonia, I've had f***ing blood clots ... it's been an eventful year, to say the least. I have been in such pain this year.

"I went home for a short break and I got two staph infections in two of my fingers. God knows how that happened. That cleared up.

"Then I did the New Year's Eve show at the Forum here in Los Angeles. That was the last gig I did, cos the following February, I went for a bathroom break in the night and lost my footing. I hit the deck like a f***ing ton of bricks."