Camila Cabello was left in tears watching Jesy Nelson open up about her struggles with mental health in her candid BBC documentary.

The Little Mix singer revealed she took an overdose of pills as online bullying took its toll, two years after her group's rise to fame on The X Factor U.K. in 2011, in Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out - which has since been named the highest viewed programme in the 16 to 34 demographic on the network this year.

While the star's experience touched fans, former Fifth Harmony singer Camila confessed the programme "made such a big impression" and that she felt Jesy’s "pain".

"Not to that point but I definitely felt the depths of struggling, and when I heard that, I just really felt what she was saying," she told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "I felt her pain, and for somebody to rise out of that place takes so much strength."

The Senorita singer admitted social media took its toll on her during her time on the hit talent show, recalling she once searched her name online and stumbled upon negative comments.

"‘Oh, she’s so annoying in an interview’, ‘She tries so hard’, ‘Eurgh, her voice is so whiny’," she shared were among some of the comments. “I remember that affecting how I acted in day-to-day life. So I decided I’m never doing it again."

But now, Camila confessed she's ditched aspects of social media she finds have a negative effect on her mental health, explaining: “I don’t go on Twitter at all. Twitter is f**king terrible.

“I’m mostly on Instagram because I want to interact with my fans. But I just felt an hour ago, ‘Eurgh, I wanna delete this app’," the star continued. “You get sucked back into it again and it takes you away from real life... It messes with your head so much. I think it’s so important for people to be aware of that."