The 27-year-old pop star - who has been involved in an on/off relationship with music manager Huck for four years - feels it's important to embrace love, whilst also remaining realistic about her own relationship.

She said: "My boyfriend is brilliant. I feel really happy at the moment, and he's inspired a lot of music.

"He is very chilled and he's cool with it. He always says to me, 'Just be true, be real'. I could never be with anybody who I felt restricted me. We have a good thing. Most of the romantic songs on the album ['Charli'] are about him.

"Because we've been on and off, we've had all those purely romantic moments and other times when we were off, and we were really going through it."

Charli accepts that relationships - including her own - can be fragile.

But she still remains committed to the idea of celebrating romance and all that it encompasses.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "I think I'm quite realistic about relationships, but when it comes to love, I definitely think whatever form it comes in it should be celebrated."

Earlier this month, Charli admitted her new album is her most personal to date.

The brunette beauty confessed that her latest record, 'Charli', explores her "insecurities" in a way that none of her previous work has done.

She said: "[The record is] my most personal album yet. It's [a record] where I talk a lot more about my insecurities and my thoughts that go on in my head every day about the position I'm in as a person and as an artist."