The Little Mix singer has opened up about hear heartbreaking experiences with vile trolls in new documentary 'Odd One Out', and now beauty queen Domenique Fragale - who also appears in the film sharing her own story - has praised the impact it's had.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "It seems the documentary has really made people realise that while they may have joked about her in the past, seeing somebody's reactions in real life make you aware that she's a real person.
"Already, it has made people realise they really should think before they start sending nasty messages, and that words can have an effect on people - even if you think that it is just a joke."

The 25-year-old deputy Miss England hopes the documentary - which airs on BBC One at 9pm tomorrow (12.09.19) and will be available on BBC Three on iPlayer from 10am - can create "a more open dialogue".

She said: "A more open dialogue is one of the achievements we are hoping for.

"Because Jesy is so down to earth and relatable, I think the documentary really will affect a lot of people in a great way."

The 'Black Magic' hitmaker recently revealed how cruel comments from online bullies left her feeling suicidal and starving herself, and she felt pressure to represent and defend every woman while preaching about confidence.

She admitted: "I felt I had to be this person who was like ... 'I don't care what people are saying about me, I'm this strong woman.' That was the role I had to take on in the group, when really I was an absolute mess."