The 37-year-old singer was a member of the ‘Promise’ hitmakers - also comprised of Cheryl Tweedy, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, and Nicola Roberts - from 2002 until their split in 2013, and despite the recent success of the Spice Girls’ reunion tour, Kimberley says there’s “no reunion” on the cards for Girls Aloud.

Kimberley believe the Spice Girls’ “phenomenal career” was relatively short compared to Girls Aloud’s 11 year run, so thinks “more time needs to have passed” before her band mates think about getting back together.

She said: "There is no Girls Aloud reunion on the cards right now. The Spice Girls had a phenomenal career but it was very short, over four or five years.

"We literally lived and breathed each other so I think more time needs to have passed for anybody to get those feelings of getting us back together. There is less urge and desire to bring it back because we did it all."

Since Girls Aloud announced their split on Twitter six years ago, Kimberley has starred in a number of theatre productions and was part of the 'Strictly Come Dancing' line-up in 2012.

After taking some time off to spend time with her family, she is currently rehearsing for new show ‘Big: The Musical’, alongside The Wanted's Jay McGuiness, with whom she says she has “a lot of things in common”.

Kimberley said: "We have a lot of things in common and it feels like a really easy relationship. We get each other. We are both Northern and quite grounded."

Both Kimberley and Jay - who’s band went on indefinite hiatus in 2014 -still keep in close contact with their bandmates and they know that a few will be coming to see them onstage towards the end of the year.

And as Kimberley insists there’s no Girls Aloud reunion in the works, Jay admits The Wanted aren’t “ready” to get back together either.

Speaking in a joint interview for HELLO! magazine, Jay said: "They say 'never say never' but we haven’t had any conversations about it. We are not really ready for it."

Jay and Kimberley will be starring in ‘Big: The Musical’ at London's Dominion Theatre from September 6 to November 2.