Iggy Azalea was nervous when she realised she was releasing her new album In My Defense on the same day as children's cartoon Peppa Pig's debut collection.

The 29-year-old Fancy rapper dropped her sophomore album on Friday, the same day as the animated character's My First Album release.

The pair had hilariously traded words on Twitter over the past week, with Iggy sharing a promotional tweet for Peppa's album with the caption: "It’s over for me now."

Peppa's account then responded to the post with a clip of the character dressed up in a gown and gold crown, and referencing the star's hit Fancy in the caption, writing: "Peppa's so fancy, you already know."

In an interview with E! News, however, the star confessed she was genuinely "scared" when she learned she was going up against the children's TV favourite.

“I really was scared though because Peppa Pig is so popular with kids," Iggy shared. "When I saw that Peppa Pig was releasing an album, I was like: ‘Well that’s it. I’m out of the race. I’m beat before I even started.'”

The rapper, who is currently ahead of Peppa, voiced by 17-year-old Harley Bird, in the charts, went on to admit there are no hard feelings between the pair.

“She hasn’t said anything to me since, but I’m beating her on the chart today, surprisingly,” the Black Widow star laughed.

In My Defense is Iggy's long-awaited follow-up to her debut album, The New Classic, which was released in 2014.