Actress Awkwafina introduced America to her grandmother during an appearance on the Today show on Wednesday (17Jul19) to promote her new movie The Farewell.

The Crazy Rich Asians star is terribly close to her grandma, speaks to her on the phone every day and hangs out with her whenever she can, revealing Fina has been her everything since her mother died when she was four.

Today show anchor Willie Geist insisted on meeting her grandmother and presented her with a bouquet of flowers as she joined him and her granddaughter on set.

"Every time we get together, big family, she makes us laugh and roll on the floor," Fina said when asked about what Awkwafina is like at home.

Ironically, in her new drama, Awkwafina plays a young Asian-American woman who returns to China to enjoy some final quality moments with her dying grandmother, who is not aware she's battling cancer.

"(My character) Billi's struggle is very relatable," she said. "I knew that I related to it very personally, but then I didn't know that other people would relate to it."

The role has touched the actress' father, who heaped praise on his daughter's performance in a tweet, writing: "The movie is still on my mind. You did a great job... I am so proud of you.

"Imagine seeing a movie with people laughing and crying and it's my daughter up there."