Kylie Minogue’s chatted on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show this morning on BBC Radio 2 just ahead of her performance on Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury.

Kylie Minogue’s set on the Pyramid Stage will be broadcast BBC One on Sunday 30th June at 6pm.

Zoe Ball: She is preparing to don her wellies and her best festival cape as on Sunday afternoon this iconic pop princess is finally taking to the Pyramid Stage, 14 years after having to cancel her headline set. Good morning Kylie.

Kylie Minogue: Well, you’ve just blown my outfit surprise!

ZB: Wellies and a cape! I knew it I’ve won in the sweepstakes. How does it feel to be officially given legend status?

KM: I still can't get over it. I mean, from the moment the words were uttered, I think I’ve been in shock, delight, surprise, anxiety ever since.

ZB: All the emotions, I love it, the full spectrum of emotions. But it is a huge moment in the Glastonbury festival, you know. We all remember when Dolly Parton did it, when Lionel did it. It’s an amazing moment because it is sort of like the biggest wedding disco you could ever imagine.

KM: Perfect!

ZB: How are you feeling about it as the day approaches now?

KM: …It’s excitement, nerves, obviously it’s emotional because of my history and I was, as you’ve mentioned, supposed to play here in 2005. Drama ensued, to put it mildly. So the road to Glastonbury has been long and winding, with some unexpected bumps. Speed bumps! But I am just, as you said - it’s a big sing along, that’s what I’m hoping for, just a big love fest you know. And I guess, with 31 years-worth of songs and what’s come to light with the greatest hits album is that it’s all of our histories.

ZB: The album’s actually released today so you must be really excited about that as well? Step Back In Time. How many - is it 41 classics? … Every single one of them hits!

KM: Can I have a nap? Can I have a lie down?

ZB: I mean how excited have you been for this to come out – and of all the weekends as well for it to be this weekend.

KM: Yeah, I mean this is a weekend that’s – I’m just going to have to try and contain myself, that’s for sure. I could just combust. It’ll be like a little glitter explosion – that’ll be me, somewhere.

ZB: That’s the thing with playing Sunday afternoon is that you just can't really be let loose on the festival before.

KM: I may let loose afterwards – trust me!

ZB: I know well exactly that’s it you’ve still got Sunday night to go absolutely crackers and get lost up at Block 9 or wherever it might be – you may have to wear a disguise of course.

KM: I’ll just put the hood of the cape up.

ZB: Can you give us any teasers about what you might or might not be wearing on stage? We love all your outfits.

KM: Hopefully I will be wearing something!…Nah, I can’t tell you – sorry.

ZB: It will be an amazing surprise. Now Jason joined you on stage when you did Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park – any plans for any surprise guests?

KM: There may be a couple of surprises. I’ll just leave that with you.

ZB: What has inspired your Glastonbury set list? I mean looking back – how do you choose out of all those hits? How do you possibly whittle that down? How long are you on for….75 minutes. You can’t do all of them, how have you chosen?

KM: With difficulty, to be honest. What we decided to do was start with a bang. I mean, normally with a two hour show, you can kind of ease people in and go on a bit of an up and down journey. I don't want to give too much away but you know, it’s a party, it’s time to sing along so we’re going to start with that. There’s going to be a little emotional section and then we're just going to go nuts at the end.

ZB: Ok yeah, because you have had songs that get your heart and then you've got the full on pop and you’ve got the full on disco and we love New York City as well so I’m hoping that’s going to feature in there. It’s been one of our favourites at Radio 2. So how are you feeling today ahead of Sunday – just, you know, sum it up if you can.

KM: I can’t – I just - all I can do is hyperventilate. That's my answer. What an honour, what an absolute honour to be asked to do this and to share it with so many people. My tiny little mind is going to be absolutely blown. I have no doubt about it.

ZB: You’re going to be phenomenal and we’re so excited to see this gig. And anyone who hasn’t got tickets will be able to watch this on the telly. Turn it up loud, put on the outfits and join in.

KM: Do it! Yeah, send me pictures!

ZB: Good luck - enjoy every single minute of it

KM: Thank you so much.