Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm is keen for the group to take their reunion tour around the world after initially turning down the idea of a get together.

Sporty Spice's reluctance to get the band back together forced her bandmates Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown to form the trio GEM, but she eventually came around to the idea after fans urged her to reconsider.

"There was a time when I was like, 'It's never going to happen... The things we've done have been so incredible, we could never do that again," she tells Billboard. "But I think it was the amount of people that approached me saying how much they wanted to see the Spice Girls, how much it meant to them, how it affected them in their lives.

"We had this on a daily basis, but we just never seemed to be in the same lane. We have our private lives, we have our children, we have responsibilities, we have careers. And all of a sudden - I suppose like back in the day, when we first started - all the stars just seemed to align, and it started to become big and exciting..."

Now, after a successful run of shows in the U.K. which ended earlier this month (Jun19), Mel C can't wait to continue the Spice Girls' journey, revealing she had a blast with her bandmates.

"We have had the most incredible time,” Sporty Spice adds. "We were so excited about the show, but we never, never could have prepared ourselves for how incredible it's been.

"What surprised me the most is how comfortable we feel. We're playing stadiums, we're playing bigger venues than we played in the '90s. It's so hard to get your head around it... It really has been such a pleasure to get up onstage and sing those songs...

"We don't want it to end. We've had an incredible run here in the U.K. We'd really like to get further afield. We've had so many fans that have visited us from all over the world. People have come from New Zealand, North America, South America, everywhere. I think we'd really like to take it (tour) out to the fans that haven't been able to travel but have supported us all these years."