AlunaGeorge star Aluna Francis has accused a former collaborator of sexually assaulting her.

The musician recounted her painful ordeal during an appearance on the Next Episode BBC podcast, claiming the unnamed man attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him.

According to the Man Down hitmaker, he offered to let her charge a cellphone in his hotel room while they were working together on a song, but once inside, she alleges he became “a completely different person", adding, "His behaviour went from nought to 100."

After claiming he tried to force his hands into her underwear, Francis said, "He pinned me down and he'd taken his trousers down and he was trying to put his d**k in my mouth. So I wrestled him off, and he was still laughing 'cause he thought it was a game and that I was having a really fun time, having a pretend rape situation."

The dance music star also revealed she felt confusion and shame about the incident.

“You would think that I understood how wrong this was straight away and I didn’t,” she said. “Musicians are crazy ambitious about getting their craft out there. And that’s why I think there’s so much shame about these kind of situations: 'Am I that stupid? What is wrong with me? Why have I compartmentalised all of this just for my career?' That’s madness.”

She eventually confronted the man but did not report the attack.

"He did all his apologies and talked about how he was so incredibly sorry and (that) this has never happened before," she said.