Snoop Dogg stunned a British nightclub owner by mistakenly leaving around $520,000 (£400,000) in cash behind at his venue.

George Sloan booked the rapper to perform at his Timepiece club in Exeter, England back in August 2014, as part of a trip that also took him to the Boardmasters surfing, skating, and music festival in nearby Newquay.

While driving home from the gig George had a phone call from Snoop's team saying they'd left a bag behind in the DJ booth - which the club owner later found to contain his appearance fees.

"Now, Snoop Dogg had played the night before at Boardmasters in Newquay as part of a mini tour we'd organised and he usually insisted that he's paid in cash," George told

"So there was this bag which we just assumed had the usual in it, but what we didn't realise was that it had all the money he had been paid from the events he had played so far. I reckon there must have been around three to four hundred thousand pounds in there. I could have retired that night!."

However, he returned the money to the hip-hop legend, whom he described as "charming" and undemanding.

"Snoop was the most laid back person I think I have ever met," the club chief explained. "I spent about 20 minutes with him and all I got was 'cool'. The evening was 'cool', the club was 'cool', the crowd was 'cool'. He posed for photographs and signed autographs. There was nothing outrageous on his rider, just a specific type of gin. He was very charming."

As a thank you after the money was retrieved, Snoop even invited the stunned nightclub owner to his private party at the Cannes Film Festival. George declined, however, as his wife wasn't keen on the idea of him revelling with the rapper on the French Riviera.